June 2013

Week 5

What to expect in this week’s share:

  • red pontiac potatoes
  • kale
  • swiss chard
  • beets
  • mystery vegetable

**********Beautiful Nutritious Foods Photo Contest**********


Don’t forget to submit your photo for this contest.  I have no submissions so far, so your odds of winning 2 yoga passes looks pretty good at this point.  Know Yoga Know Peace on Morton Street is happy to provide 2 CSA members with complimentary passes for your involvement of this mindful photo contest.  Remember simplicity! Please e-mail your plate creation photo to csa@strangershillorganics.com by June 28th. (Deadline has been extended)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication



Rudolf Breuss, a Austrian naturopathic doctor developed this juice consisting of beets, carrots, celery, radish, and potatoes in specific ratios to provide a balance of basic elements required for the body’s nourishment.  This juice is used as part of a 42-day fast for total cancer treatment.  The intended effects are to starve cancer cells.  The key here is finding foods you can incorporate into your diet daily that are anti-angiogenesis feeding foods.  To listen to the thought and theory behind starving your cancer with a good diet,  follow this link: Ted Talks-Can We Starve Cancer?   


1 medium beet, washed and peeled

1 large carrot

1 large parsnip

1 large celery stalk

1 medium pontiac red potato

1 cup sliced radish

Process all ingredients through a juicer

Serves 1-2

beets condensed