From the Herald-Times Editorial Board

The community effort to make sure everyone has enough to eat has received another boost with the announcement that Stranger’s Hill farm will set aside some acreage for volunteers and staff members from the Hoosier Hills Food Bank to grow food.

Food bank executive director Julio Alonso, noting the rapidly growing need to provide assistance in this down economy, hailed the creativity of the new venture.

“(W)e have to consider new ways to obtain food,” he said last week. “The opportunity to provide healthy, nutritious fresh produce from a local source is a dream come true.”

While individual donors have been as generous as ever in 2009, the food bank has seen a decline in institutional donations from national food sources, grocery stores and restaurants that must find ways to lower costs during the economic crisis. With need on the rise, it is imperative that programs like this new one bloom, especially if the food bank is going to meet its goal of providing 10 percent more food this year than in 2008, when it donated a quarter-million pounds over the 2.4 million pounds distributed last year to more than 100 nonprofit agencies in Brown, Lawrence, Orange, Owen, Martin and Monroe counties.

We encourage you to donate garden tools, funds or volunteer time to the project at Stranger’s Hill. Call the Hoosier Hills Food Bank at 334-8374, e-mail to, or visit for more information.

We also encourage you to join with friends in other efforts to help fight hunger in the community. Service clubs, an informal breakfast or lunch groups, book clubs, card clubs — all could easily collect nonperishables at their regular gatherings to go to the food bank or the community kitchen.